Pet Microchipping

Islip Animal Hospital Recommends All Pets Be Microchipped

Microchips are tiny devices that provide permanent identification for your pet. Microchips are safe, inexpensive, and dramatically increase the chances of being reunited with your pet in the unfortunate event they are lost.

We can microchip your pet during any routine visit. It is a simple procedure and no anesthetic is required. We place a very small microchip underneath your pet’s skin that contains your contact information. During your visit we can also scan them to see if they already have a microchip and to make sure the microchip is functioning.

The Pet Microchip Lookup website is a helpful resource for reuniting owners and their pets based on the microchip number that operates independently of microchipping companies. Many microchip manufacturers also have support services that will proactively search for pets as soon as they are reported missing and are available 24/7.

For more information about microchipping and answers to frequently asked questions, visit the AVMA website.

Pet Microchipping at Islip Animal Hospital

Monday thru Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday: (Not open every Saturday, Please call for availability)
Sunday: CLOSED